Summer Camp

//Summer Camp

I love the month of August as much as I do because of Kilcoo. August always gives me a really, really good vibe – a positive energy of goodness and conviviality. Every time I write a letter to my girls at Tanamakoon I get strong waves of August joy. The letters transport me back to being in the moment at Kilcoo. Those letters have been a sustaining delight to write for years and years.

But NOTHING can compare with the shot of Kilcoo magic I got walking through camp and hanging out with you guys for a little bit last week. Between staff reunions and alumni-daughter weekend and the KSC and birthdays and a wedding (yours and Beth’s, of course, David), I have been so fortunate to be back at Kilcoo at least once a year for a couple of decades…but I had not been there when full camp was in swing since I left in 1995. I LOVED it.

A few very quick highlights:
Camp looks great…smart reinvestments have been made for a long time and it shows. Original items are strong and even more steeped in tradition; new/replaced items fit in like they have always been there…
The handshakes! So revitalizing to have men and women and young men do it right – the Kilcoo way. It makes a difference on the “other side” and it is heartening to know that there is a constant supply of those who look you in the eye, introduce themselves and have a firm shake coming out of Kilcoo every month.
The camaraderie among the staff. It was so terrific…so obvious…not forced in any way. It smacked of playful respect.
The relationship between staff and campers: which too was on full display. Those are fortunate boys to have the opportunity to be at Kilcoo. I trust they are still reminded to thank whomever is responsible for sending them to camp when they return home.
You two. They love you. They should. You guys are influencers…shapers…makers of men. Amazing.

Thank you for taking some time to spend with Katie and me. Thank you for being at the heart of the sustained excellence that is Kilcoo. Thank you for being you.

Rip ram…

Summer Camp

Mike “Mouse” Roland – 1980-1995