Meet Our Directors

//Meet Our Directors

Director: Patrick Tingley, “Tingles”

Patrick Tingley, aka “Tingles” is ecstatic to return to Kilcoo as Director; working with Director of Operations Kim Bouchard in Toronto and up at camp, with Aldrin “Buzz” and Tanya “Brador” Primaylon. The summer of 2024 will be Patrick’s 36th on the shores of Gull Lake.

Patrick was a first-time Kilcoo camper in cabin 6, in 1987, when his counsellor, Tim Wilson, tweaked the name “Tingles”. He became Staff in 1995, and was a counsellor, Section Director, LIT Director, Land Staff Director and Program Director. Patrick started working for Kilcoo full-time in March 2004, as Program Director and Spring/Fall Program Co-Ordinator, what we call Advance Camp and Post Camp. Patrick worked and lead the spring and fall for over a decade before returning to the office for the non-summer months. Patrick started as Assistant Director in 2007, through the 2021 camp season, ensuring a safe and successful summer during the second year of Covid-19. Patrick then left camp on his own terms to enjoy other pursuits. He comes from a close-knit family, and returns to Kilcoo with support from his parents, sister & brother-in-law and their two kids. A life-long Kilcoo guy, no one will question his loyalty or passion for Kilcoo Camp.

Assistant Director: Aldrin Primaylon “Buzz”

Aldrin “Buzz” Primaylon came into the camping world in 1990 when he joined the staff of Camp Gay Venture. At the camp, Buzz began as the property manager and then brought the Rock Climbing and High Ropes programs to GV.

Buzz joined Kilcoo in 2017 and has served as a Rock Climbing and High Ropes course instructor, learning from Chissy, before starting the LIT Skill program at Kilcoo.

Buzz, his wife Brador and their three children have been a part of the Kilcoo staff since 2017. Brador runs the summer office and the Kilcoo Tuck Shop, and their three children enjoy their summers at camp. Liam and Breaden are both July campers at Kilcoo and Nyah attends Tanamakoon.

During the off season, Buzz and Brador educate Grade 8 students in Scarborough.