Summer Camp

//Summer Camp

“Kilcoo camp has been a wonderful addition to our son Connor’s life. He started when he was 10 years old and has spent two happy summers there. He plans to continue.

The more details we hear, the more we realize that this time for him transcends simply being away or having fun adventures with friends on the lake (although it is this too). Connor learns vital lessons about himself and how he handles things – what makes him tick, but also how to be in the world with a growing awareness of other’s needs and an appreciation around what connects us all. Lub, Tingles and the Kilcoo staff set this tone and do it in such a way that kids feel safe to explore.

We so appreciate the energy and spirit at Kilcoo. As parents, we feel like we’ve handed our child off to a group of men who get how to be strong and sensitive, and model this always. We can’t think of a more valuable way for Connor to spend his time.”

Summer Camp

Kilcoo Parent