Summer Camp

//Summer Camp

I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for yet another wonderful summer for our boys. A day hasn’t gone by without some camp story, song or game being told, sung or played in our house. Our boys had a fantastic summer. I’m not sure how you do it, but they come back closer as a band of brothers than when they leave and I love that. The boys have always been quite close, but it amplifies from their camp experience. I was concerned that our youngest wouldn’t fit into this troop, but he has come back a full member which is really wonderful for us as parents to see.

It is clear that you love camp and make the experience a dream for boys – enough structure to make sure the day runs smoothly, but not the sort of structure they have at home (and I struggle to offer them as a parent who likes things to stay neat and clean). It is such a special place and your dedication to it is obvious. I love that, in an all-boys environment, the boys show so much affection for one another – they aren’t scared to hug and cry and really show each other how much they care. Pick up day was full of so much affection between the campers and staff it was truly fantastic to see. It is magical. Thank you so much.

The boys will be back next summer (was there any doubt?) and I suspect the countdown has already commenced in their minds.

Summer Camp

Kilcoo Parent