Summer Camp

//Summer Camp

Kilcoo is awesome!
Camp is like my second home. I have attended Kilcoo every summer for the past 7 years. I have been in every section. And every year I go, it just gets better. Every time I get off the bus out in front of David’s arc I am greeted by my old and new friends and I look forward to the start of a new chapter of my life.

My life at camp is very different form my life at home. I love playing video and computer games at home. I rarely interact with my camp friends when I’m at home. But none of that matters when I’m at camp. When we arrive at camp, we pick up our friendships like they never stopped. Instead of playing video games, we sail, shoot bows, canoe, swim, build fires and generally goof around.

Kilcoo is a place of tradition, honour and courage, which are all qualities I hope to possess thanks to my time at Kilcoo. Thanks for the day Comrades.

Summer Camp

Kilcoo Camper