WAKE UP / POLAR BEAR SWIM 8:00 AM Sunrise brings the morning polar bear swim, for those who aren’t afraid to take a chilly dip! BREAKFAST 8:30 AM The most important meal of the day is served bright and early here at camp. ARCHERY 9:45 AM Archery has a great deal of appeal to many of the campers. Every boy is taught proper use of a bow & arrow. Kilcoo levels are a goal for beginners and experts alike! CAMPCRAFT 10:45 AM Campcraft is one of the more popular activities at camp. Campers learn the essential components of camping, from making a fire and cooking a meal to setting up a tent and hanging a pack. SWIMMING 11:45 AM Every safety precaution is taken for expert swimmers and beginners alike. Non-swimmers are given lessons in a safe and protected buoyed-off area at the sandy beach. For the experienced, there are three 20m enclosed pools at the Tower, as well as a marked free-swim area. Qualified lifeguards are always in attendance. LUNCH 12:45 PM With the ring of the bell, lunch is served. It’s time to refuel! REST HOUR 1:45 PM The perfect opportunity to write a letter home, read under a tree, or do some cloud-watching. WINDSURFING 2:45 PM Windsurfing is one of the more popular water activities at camp. Junior sails and boards are provided to help beginners learn, and patient, qualified instructors help each camper achieve a desired goal by the end of the month. Kilcoo’s protected bay and sandy beach make for an excellent area to learn windsurfing. CANOEING 3:45 PM At Kilcoo, one of our prime aspirations is to help every boy feel at home in a canoe, as well as all other water-craft. Our program offers campers the opportunity to achieve Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association canoeing levels. ROPES COURSE 4:45 PM Depending on their ability, campers may find themselves scaling our 10 m climbing tower, traversing one of the longest and most unique aerial courses in Canada, or rock climbing outside camp. DINNER 5:45 PM After a full day, it’s time to take care of some big appetites. FLAG LOWERING 6:30 PM Flags are lowered for the night. EVENING PROGRAM 6:45 PM Mail call is followed by camper’s choice of activities! TAPS 8:15 PM One last dip in the lake to cool down before bed! CAMPFIRE 8:30 PM Gather around the campfire for music, skits, and stories led by Lub! LIGHTS OUT 9:45 PM It’s time to hit the hay and rest up for the next fun-filled day at Kilcoo.